2006 WNBA Schedules for the Palm

I got the 2006 WNBA Schedules for the Palm done early so I made them available as of today. For more information follow this link.

For those interested in .vcs versions (for Outlook and other PIMs) the process for acquiring these versions is the same as with other schedules. Purchase the version that is available on the page above. After your transaction has been completed forward me the receipt you get from Handango along with a request for the .vcs version of the product you purchased. Upon receiving the request I will generate the file and email it to you as soon as I can.

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Great job, however the palm desktop for mac does not recoginze the file, could you provide it in .csv or .tab format? That way it will work on the mac palm desktop. Please let me know, anxiously awaiting since the World cup begins tomorrow!



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