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Is Ancient Greek Computer a PR Stunt for Olympics?

Scrabulous returns as Wordscraper. Netflix working with LG only for downloads? NASA looking for water on Mars. The Greek computer stories I am now convinced is a BS PR stunt. Yahoo exec makes Yuil search engine to show up Cuil. EDS to be part of HP. Microsoft redoes the search engine yet again. IE beta […]

2100-Year-old Computer Works!

UK hacker to finally be extradited to USA. A waste of the taxpayers money. Scrabulous lives on the Web. Dell going back into the music player business. 2100 year old Greek computer being revisited. Lake of petroleum on Saturn’s moon. Intel cheap computer a hit in Portugal. Microsoft’s Vista trick getting analyzed by everyone. Then there’s […]

India to Develop $10 Laptop!?! What?

Facebook ditches Scrabulous. Adobe releases 64-bit Photoshop Lightroom 2. Microsoft shows off new spherical display device. Get your own jetpack for $100,000. Dell bringing out mini-desktop, perhaps a smart phone and Wal-Mart laptops. 70-percent of Government laptops are stupidly unencrypted.  DS piracy rampant in Japan. India going to develop a $10 Laptop. Will Android merge […]

Apple MobileMe Has Issues

New search engine flops with too much PR and no oomph. FCC cannot police Comcast but they can shake fist at the company. Apple MobileMe having issues. Company has yet to patch DNS hole as other get attacked by DNS poisoning. China has 560 million mobile phone users. Wow. Microsoft all over the news mostly […]

Digg to be Sold to Google?

I wonder what to do with the sound effects. Will Microsoft change the interface on the Xbox360? Child Online Protection Act has been over-turned. New law needed. Looks like Google may buy Digg for$200 million. CherryPal announces terminal calls it something else. Wiis selling like hotcakes down under. Spam King gets nearly 4 years in […]