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HP Dumps Tablet?!?!

Deconstructing Steve Jobs. Flash and the IPhone. Oprah Winfrey in the Tech News. HP drops the Slate after MSFT drops Courier. Is Google getting dull? Some major thinkers think so. I tell why. Adobe CS5 now out! HP bringing is help from Sears. Show presented by e-Harmony. Get a date. Go to and use the […]

Familiar Blog Theme is Back

I finally got the theme fixed and have it back the way I want it. This is why I keep backups. The backups had the right code. Then all I needed to do was remember how I had the widgets set up. Easy to do. It just took me some time to do it. And […]

Microsoft Courier Killed

iPhone story getting on my nerves. I explain why. Steve Jobs says why he does not like Flash in a long memo that I doubt he wrote. Microsoft kills iPad killer. Telescope smashes car. Sony sued by Linux users. Apple gets into voice tech. New Ubuntu upgrades. MSFT hopes to embed media center into HDTV […]

Back to WordPress Default Theme

As anyone who has looked at my blog in the last week has no doubt noticed I totally messed up my sidebars. And in trying to fix the problem I totally messed up the rest of the theme too. So I’ve reverted back to the WordPress default theme while I try to work it all […]

Nyet Neutrality?

HP to buy Palm. Why? For patents maybe? MSFT demands patent royalties from Andoid vendors. Are the earth’s oceans from outer space? Facebook hates privacy it seems. SF government worker found guilty. Activision getting sued. What is Windows Home Server? Win 7 embedded coming. Oregon Schools to use Google apps. Google says it is neutral […]