Star Wars Generations

The great thing about Star Wars is the way it transcends generations.

Spinal Tap Giving Away “Saucy Jack”

I was having lunch with friends on Saturday when someone mentioned that they were at the Spinal Tap ‘Unwigged and Unplugged’ show at the Beacon Theater in New York City last Thursday. When I showed some interest the friend told me a bit about the show. He mentioned that they played a song called ‘Saucy […]

Owen Wilson Pisses Off Steely Dan

The founders of the band Steely Dan are upset with Owen Wilson over his new movie You, Me and Dupree and it’s similarities to the song “Cousin Dupree” off their 2000 album Two Against Nature. The band posted an open letter to Owen’s brother, Luke Wilson in which they rip Owen for his part in […]