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Fighting Comment Spam

There’s a very intelligent woman who writes a blog called According to a recent post on her blog she has turned off commenting due to excessive comment spam. This kind of thing is happening a lot around the blog sphere but when some of the more intelligent bloggers are doing it I have to […]

Plagiarist Biden Running Again

I read in the news this morning where Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Deleware) entered the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. I thought this to be interesting since Biden attempted to get the same nomination in 1988. Biden ended up dropping out of the race after it was revealed that he had plagiarized in papers he […]

Google Toolbar Button Plugin Update

The Google Toolbar Button Plugin has been updated to version 1.1. The plugin is now widgetized. If you have the Sidebar Widgets plugin installed and a widgetized theme you will be able to add the Google Toolbar Button link to your sidebar through the Presentation->Sidebar Widgets page in WP-Admin. For more information and to download […]

Introducing the Google Toolbar Button Plugin

Another post on the WordPress Support forums inspired me to write another WordPress plugin. This one allows you to add a link to your blog that will allow your readers to add your blog to their Google Toolbar. Specifically it will allow you to search your blog and monitor your RSS feed directly from the […]

Buy One Seinfed And Get The Second One Free

Amazon is having a buy one get one free sale on a whole bunch of TV series DVDs. The one that stuck out at me the most was Seinfeld. I watched Jerry as a standup comedian before the series started and stuck with the show while NBC kept moving around it’s time slot in the […]