Toothpicks and Mobile Phone Maintenance

A while ago I had a problem with my mobile phone. Most often I’d plug in the charger and the phone would not recognize that it was plugged in. I experimented with different chargers and determined that the problem was not the chargers but the phone. Someone suggested it may have lint in the charging […]

The Kin Making a Comeback? What?

Apple I to sell for $200,000? Apple to jigger with Java in some odd way to screw Android. Facebook going after GMail with Facebook mail. Cripes. Big fuss over Pedophile book. Whole story is odd and dumb. I discuss. Microsoft Kin back in play? Kinect system deconstructed. Want to see Phone 7, go to Radio […]

Apple Netbook?

Droid-X looks good. Google earnings not up to par. WSJ says Apple know of the iPhone antenna glitch. Old Spice making a comeback. Verizon joins with junkware? Mercury flyby shows planet Mercury has huge magnetic field. HP needs to ditch Android tablet sez expert. Microsoft to co-fund dev work on Phone 7. 11.6-inch Mac Book […]

June Swoon

Too many boring stories about Apple iOS4. E-readers drop below $200. Summer at Stonehenge. Xbox Kinect looks to be a winner, for the short term. Xbox has become a cult machine. IPhone 4 orders cancelled. Toshiba back on the Libretto track. Google music search? Dell going Chrome. Motorola Droid phone going gangbusters. The Space Shuttle […]

No Moon for You

NASA Moon program dumped. Google business app store coming. iPad still in the news. Yahoo back in bed with AP. Bots are different. MSFT screws US customers. Flash memory improved. Attacks on Facebook and Twitter triples. Windows 7 is a winner. Show sponsored by e-Harmony. Get a date. Go to www.eharmony.com and use the code […]