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These two are BFFs.    She holds about 2 gallons of gas. In winters past that was more than enough to last the whole season. But not this year. With another storm on the way and the last bit of gas used in the last snowstorm I just got her a refill.   He’s only […]

Is This Even Legal?

An extra 8 cents just to use a credit card instead of cash. Is this even legal?

Snowing Watch on Posterous I don’t know how well you can see the snow in this video but if it keeps falling at this rate throughout the morning I don’t see how we’ll end up with the “little… or no… accumulation” the Weather Channel app is claiming.

It's Cold Outside!

Everyone agrees that it was very cold this morning. They just don’t agree about how cold.

Newspaper Meets Snowblower

This is what happens when a snow covered newspaper inadvertently gets in my snowblower’s path.