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iPad Appears to be a Sure Thing

Blackberry outage a disaster. It’s going to get worse. Apple developers given the go-ahead to “supersize” iPhone apps. Obviously this is for the iPad or whatever they will call it. Kindle hacked. Nook out NOW! Earthquakes can be predicted. Blu-ray now a good price. Next iPhone camera is 5 Mpixels. People spend 13 hours a […]

iPhone Fairest of them All

iPhone all over the place yet again. MSFT Word not being banned by court ruling. iPhone most used phone in the USA. HP investigation racist accusations. N.O.V.A. top iPhone app/game. New hack let’s you use Bluetooth keyboard on iPhone. HTC making a ton of money. B&N fixes Nook. Comcast busted for screwing with P to […]

Verizon Fees Outrageous

New Atom chip already showing up in Netbooks. Barnes and Noble getting $100 for the Nook e-reader shipments. Today is the shortest most miserable day of the year. Verizon fees a rip-off. Steve Ballmer in the news. Texting drivers more likely to crash. Duh! Yelp and Google not happening. Brought to you by e-Harmony. Find […]

Waterworld Exists!

iPhone all over the news. Verizon already talking about the iPhone and Palm new offerings. Military analysts say the iPhone may be useful in war? iPhone selling big overseas. Bing for the iPhone coming out as MSFT gets sued for using the name Bing. Dark matter being tracked down. Psystar company gives up for good. […]

Cloud Fails Again

RIM reports on email outage. Facebook getting hit with privacy suit. A new earth has been found! Intel says a 17-core chip is coming. Blu-Ray 3D ready to go. Yahoo falling by the wayside. Google will bring out a Netbook. some predictions by someone other than myself. Brought to you by e-Harmony. FInd a mate! […]