I Don’t Work For Yahoo

The first post of this blog told the story of how I recovered my Yahoo account after it had been hijacked. The subject actually turned into a 3 part series. I wrote these posts because I knew I wasn’t the only one who had lost control of their Yahoo account and couldn’t get it back […]

I Can’t Get Your Yahoo Password

When I started this blog my first post was regarding an issue I was having with my Yahoo login. Apparently someone had gotten hold of my Yahoo account and changed the password so I could not access the account. The post, and it’s accompanying updates, chronicles my experience in trying to regain control of the […]

Yahoo Password Possibly Hacked Again?

An interesting happened to me yesterday while I was working. My Yahoo Instant Messenger logged me out and popped up a message that said it logged me off because another machine had logged in with my ID. I was alarmed by this. Had someone hacked my Yahoo password and logged in as me? Without hesitation […]

What To Do About Yahoo

Due to the overwhelming number of requests I have gotten for the Yahoo security email address I am sorry to say that I will no longer be sending it out to people. Between blog comments and emails requesting it I have gotten far too many requests to be able to comply. The reason why I […]

More Yahoo Madness

I’m following the story of a friend who lost their Yahoo account to phishing. Phishing is the evil art of faking someone into giving you their account information. Most often this is done with an email that looks like it came from the website in questions (whether it be Yahoo, eBay, PayPal, you bank, etc.) […]