Leo Laporte

Leporte Drops FBomb on Arrington

I’ve written critically about Leo Leporte a few times in the past. I don’t think he’s objective (usually) and find that he states opinions that are either slanted either his own personal preferences (I’ve heard him make fun of Microsoft for implementing Windows features but then applaud Apple for implementing the same exact features on […]

TWiT on Privacy

On this week’s episode of This Week in Tech host Leo Leporte led a discussion about online privacy. The question arose “Is privacy dead?”. I don’t think privacy is dead. I think that people are just now learning how fragile privacy can be in a digital life and how careful one must be. For example, […]

Laporte Doesn’t Like Mojave But Won’t Explain Why

I was listening to this weeks installment of This Week in Tech this morning. The subject of Jerry Seinfeld doing Microsoft commercials came up and led to a discussion of lame Microsoft marketing. Leo Laporte brought up the Mojave experiment as something that actually helped Apple. I’ve heard him say things like this about Mojave […]

Laporte’s Objectivity Questionable

I like Leo Laporte but I’ve been thinking lately that he is no longer objective. He’s always been a bit of a showman (and that’s what draws people to listen and watch him. But I was just listening to the latest installment of This Week in Tech and I’m not happy with some of the […]