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Mark Cuban blasts Jerry Yang for being “too nice.”

Motorola having trouble restructuring and splitting. Sun under the gun and it appears that the company is up for sale. Intel pushing WiMax in Taiwan. Mark Cuban blasts Jerry Yang for being too nice. Nintendo doing well, but hard to figure that out from the news stories. Windows 7 being compared to Snow Leopard incessantly. […]

Will HP Do a Linux Distro?

LinkedIn to support an app platform for no known reason. Xbox 360 to hook into the new Netflix streaming. It will be HD! Ozzie says Azure is an Operating System as a Service. HP in the news with netbook stories and perhaps an HP Linux! Windows 7, they say, will be perfect for notebooks. The […]

Blu-ray at $150 By Christmas

Publishers settle with Google for book scanning. Christian Science Monitor dropping print edition and going all digital. Cloud computing in the news to an extreme. Windows 7 having embedded features. Could this mean "instant on?" Blu-ray players hitting $150. I have my thoughts on the problem. Wal-Mart on the Google Android phone bandwagon. Click to […]

Microsoft Releases its Cloud OS

Microsoft unveils the cloud OS called Azure. Lotus Notes in the sky. Army says terrorists can use Twitter for mayhem. Google earth on iPhone. MSFT issues security update for pre-beta code? Why?!?!? Blackberry gets live video streaming. New Ubuntu this week. Nice small Dell laptop coming. Quantum computing story shows up. Google Android G1 phone […]

Comcast 50 Mbps Coming Soon

Microsoft has emergency patch to stop unknown worm. Users need to patch now. Sun Microsytems having all sorts of problems. Investment group wants to shake things up. Toshiba R600 is 800 grams. Comcast 50Mbps coming. 1050 MPH car coming. Yikes, look out. E3 will be bigger than ever. Click to listen: [Audio clip: view full post […]