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China Hates Garfield the Cat

Firefox 3.5 rolls out. Get it now. China is filtering out Garfield the Cat. Pirate Bay sale worries some. Dell going into the Android too? Where is the picture of Steve Jobs who is supposedly back at work. Confusion over Comcast 4G, WiMax. Forrester says tech biz bottoms in Q3. Palm Pre beating sales expectations […]

Palm Screws Sideloaders

Standardized mobile phone charger now a worldwide phenomenon. Nokia leads the way. Palm kills homemade apps. Why? Sony thinking about PSP phone. Sounds like nGage to me. MSFT fiddling around with Win 7 marketing. Will they ever learn? Kid humiliated by Walkman. Germans not interested in the Kindle. Google voice getting a lot of ink […]

Google It With Bing!

Great parody add for Bing: See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Palm Sparks Rally

Apple pulls plug on selling porn or girlie pics off of the app store. Palm shares rally and takes tech sector with it? Geez. Biggest problem facing Bing? Google. Duh. Long awaited PC cycle upgrade coming say the experts. DiskShred will grind up your hard disks. Dyson develops world’s faster motor. Sponsor: code word: tech. […]

What is a Plug Computer?

Tear down says new iPhone costs $179 to build. MSFT Hohm in the news. Seems silly to me. Palm says Pre is selling well. Stock goes up. Windows 7 on sale. Red Hat profits are up. Linux now has an anti-virus product. Weird UK stories. Xmos $4.50 CPU? Also the plug computer is headed your […]