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Woz Reports on Steve Jobs

Stanley Bing wonders if MSFT expropriated his name. Har. Bing looks like a shopping site. Google says 18 Androids coming at you. Google also says the browser will be the new OS thanks to HTML 5. Xbox hits 30 million in sales. Woz says Steve "sounds good." Pre ready for iTunes. Dell Hires IBM executive […]

Adam Curry Going Through Divorce

I just finished listening to the 98th episode of the No Agenda podcast and was surprised by the news at the beginning about Adam Curry and his wife, Patricia, going through a divorce. I only follow Curry through No Agenda and only see or hear him outside of that venue incidentally but was shocked at […]

Woman Who Reported Her Own Abduction Found At Disney World

A woman called 911 from Philadelphia on Tuesday claiming she and her daughter were abducted. Later that afternoon she and her daughter were spotted boarding a plane to Orlando, Florida at Philadelphia International Airport. The woman was arrested when she and her daughter were found at Walt Disney World. As if this story was troubling […]

Is Sotomayor A Racist?

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” Quick. Who said that? A motivational speaker? A career coach? A civil rights activist? Nope. Those words were uttered by U.S. Supreme Court […]

Flash is Dead? Maybe.

Look for faster 3G speeds by 2011. WiMax can make a move. FCC targeting rural users. HTML 5.0 will have video tagging. This could kill flash forever. Glowing gene isolated and now it is getting ugly. Zune soon. Watson research still working on language translation and processing. Show sponsored by code word: tech. Click […]