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NASA Want to go to Mars!

Palm having trouble. Smart phones not catching on. Someone wins unknown Apple contest for hitting the 10 billionth download. Microsoft versus spammers. NASA wants to go to Mars. Intuit for the Mac. Facebook glitch screws up messages. NEC aims to increase profit 10X in three years. How?? Dumb story of the week crops up. Show […]

X-Rated App Store?

Google cited for criminal activity in Italy over violation of Italian privacy laws. Huh? Google also under threat by anti-trust division. New Nintendo looks to be competing with iPad. Yahoo does some sort of deal with Twitter. Apple iTunes stores hits 10 billion songs sold. Company may bring out X-rated app store. UN climate panel changing. […]

Google Sued!

Apple SDK for iPad shows camera. Google hit with EU anti-trust probe for being too good. Sex apps still in iPhone store. Nexus One has more. FCC pushing broadband even more than before. Why? Intel investing in green tech. Mobile phone sales down in 2009. Intel hacked with Google. Some kid supposedly doing hacks. New […]

A Bus Rant

The other day while going to Manhattan the express bus I was on pulled over to the side of the road after the last stop but before getting on the highway. We sat there for over 15 minutes with no explanation from the bus driver. Then the bus driver started the bus up and continued […]

Naps Make You Smarter!

Walmart gets into online movie services. Bloom Energy is in the news, school spy cam story under investigation by FBI, UN worried about e-waste. Chinese under attack on Google attack. It appears that naps are good for you. Apple market share growing in France. Someone gets married in Apple store. Gak! USA Today says digital […]