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WordBook Plugin

The other day I released my Publish To Facebook plugin. Right after that I learned from a commenter about another plugin that serves the same function. It actually does it much better. WordBook was released the same day as my plugin but unlike my plugin it actually uses the Facebook API and is a lot […]

NJ Tax Rebate Woes

I was reading in this morning’s paper that the state of New Jersey has pushed back the deadline for filing for property tax rebates until October. (It had originally been August 15.) The reason was that people are having problems out the forms. As a New Jersey home owner I filled one of these forms […]

Publish to Facebook Plugin Now Available

I mentioned last week about the dearth of Facebook related plugins for WordPress. I’m doing my part to improve that situation by releasing my second Facebook plugin in less than a week. The Publish To Facebook plugin adds functionality to push posts and/or pages to your Facebook Mini-Feed as you publish them on your WordPress […]

Add To Facebook Plugin Now Available

I was browsing some RSS feeds when I saw some articles had a “Share on Facebook” link. I thought it would be neat to add such a link to my blog so people could add my articles to their Mini-Feed. And so the Add To Facebook plugin was born. Check out this page for more […]

No Credit Card Numbers For Trials

I’m getting a little tired of websites with subscription services wanting my credit card number for a free trial. The scam here (yes, I know many reputable sites do this but it’s still a scam) is that they will take your credit card number and at the end of the trial they will automatically start […]