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Graphene versus Memristor

Blockbuster releases a set-top box for movie distribution. Facebook spammer story lives on. Lenovo’s new computer has a remote kill command. Machine can be killed from a distance. Black Friday coming up with sales everywhere. Look for Apple to do something. Obama phone not hacked. Ray Ozzie comes out in public with a speech. He […]

Will Microsoft Become Kumo?

$873 million fine against spammer. What a farce. Twitter for sale? $500 million valuation. Micron new 256 GB SSD looks to be fast. Intel getting into it too. Ballmer will testify over the "Vista Capable" suit. Microsoft to use the name KUMO for its cloud stuff? Maybe. Bay Area going electric. HP stories contradictory. IBM […]

Should Nokia Buy Yahoo?

Obama picks tech team. All seem like government hacks. RIAA gets the state of Tennessee to throw away $10 million on spying on its students. MacArthur Foundation says Intern socializing is a good thing. New Honda Supercar, funny-looking. Google pulls plug on the unknown "Lively." Analyst  suggests that Nokia should be Yahoo. Click to listen: […]

Intel Stock Goes Into the Toilet

Now that Yahoo is gone under $10 Microsoft is not interested anymore. Apparently the company is not interested when it’s a bargain. MSFT decides to do anti-virus for some unknown reason. Company also unable to promote Silverlight against Adobe Flash. HP story from yesterday actually explained. I run down all the stocks that are in the tank.  […]

USB 3.0 Finalized at 4.8 Gbps

Sun Microsystems to fire 6000. Crazy wording in FT. Jerry Yang quits. AOL kills Homestead. HO Says sales are heading up, not down like Intel thinks. USB 3. released (finalized) today. I highlight two stories about USB 3.0 showing how bad today’s tech coverage has become.  Click to listen: [Audio clip: view full post to listen]