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Hurt Locker Attack

Fake Chinese iPads hitting Chinese market before Apple can move into the market. Zuckerberg donates to Diaspora. Why? New $99 Apple TV coming soon. Still just a box. Most observers do not see Verizon iPhone there. Facebook top site in the history of the Internet. Motorola Android tablet coming out soon. More weird Oil stories. […]

Change Your Era

Acer Android phone is loaded. US probing iTunes dominance. Atlantis shuttle may fly one more time. Huh? Natal shipping Oct. 26.FCC discovers mobile bills are shockingly weird. Do these guys ever get out of the house? Apple’s WWDC a mystery. EVO getting all the ink. AT&T Android phonies crippled by AT&T. Burner phones to be […]

Google vs Apple vs MSFT

Facebook to simplify privacy controls. XBoX hotshots quit Microsoft. Bad sign. CEO of Foxconn concerned about the suicide problem? Did 8GB 3G iPhone get killed. Pac-Man on Google wasted time. Duh! Dell streak in the wild. Net neutrality at risk. Twitter banning third party ads. Bezos not planning much with the Kindle. Motorola Shadow coming […]

Thin is “In” Finally.

The Lost TV show sucked. Face book privacy issues showing up in political campaigns. Google now hold Pac-Man. Mars lander dead. Halo, the game, is in the news. How dull. New Adobe flash runs on Android. Twitter getting tough. Google gives up some ad numbers. Intel goes for ultra thin. Yankees ban laptops and iPads.Finally […]

Worst Computers

Google I/O conference over. Hooray. 30 Year anniversary of Pac-Man. AT&T is expensive. Stop the presses! Encrypted Google search coming from Google. Pakistan re-opens Facebook. More suicides at Foxconn. HP recalls batteries. Japan send rocket to Venus. Best and worst computers nailed by CR. Salesforce hates Microsoft. IBM sends out infected USB port. Show presented […]