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Who says Privacy is Dead?

Ballmer in the news yakking about the MSFT pad. Kindle expensive to make. Probably losing money on the device. Meanwhile RIM delivering the Blackpad. Privacy issues abound. Windows shortcut hole at issue. Moto Droid getting 2.2 finally. Global warming undeniable says NG. NYC subways to go wireless. Android apps sending data to China. Why? Samsung […]

New Kindle is a Winner

New Kindle is a winner with everything improved. Steve Ballmer moaning about Apple sales. 170,000,000 Facebook users data in the wild. Win Phone 7 reviews mostly positive. Motorola Android sales saving the company. Hacker finds code to make ATM machines cough out money. Android will win the mobile OS wars. iPhone costs more than Droids […]

Goog;e Yahoo Microsoft Spells GYM!

MSFT moaning about Yahoo Japan. Black Hat event underway with cool discoveries. 3D a theme with Panasonic as the company brings out a camera and camcorder with 3D capability. Plankton is dying! Verizon users use more data than anyone else. Why? I have a theory. Click to listen: [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

50 Gbps Coming to Your Home

 Mac OSX 10.6.4 now out for new iMacs. Apple shows magic trackpad. Apple begs people to not Jailbreak phones. Google does backdoor deal with Yahoo Japan. Dell Streak delayed, kind of. Gamestop buys online games company. Good idea. Laser chips added to silicon for faster network. Droid-X is in shortage. AT&T doing Win Phone 7. […]

Hadron Collider Obsolete Already? What?

IPhone jailbreaking is legal, but Apple does not care. New Google cloud targeting gov’t security needs. This is a dead end. AT&T goes Wi-Fi to bolster 3G and 4G networks. What? UAE says Smartphones may be a security threat. Hmmm. CTIA suing SF over dumb law. Hadron collider is obsolete? Chat roulette has issues. EU […]