Windows 7 Lock Screen Annoyance and Fix

I’m in the habit of locking my machine when I walk away from my desk. When I come back I just type in my password, hit enter and I’m back. But with the Windows 7 machine I’ve been using the last year or so I’ve had a recurring problem. The lock screen requires me to […]

Plugged In, Not Charging?

When I came into work this morning I noticed that the battery icon in the task tray of my windows 7 laptop said “63% available (plugged in, not charging)”. Naturally the “plugged in, not charging” part was a concern. After Googling for suggested fixes and trying a few different things I hit on a fix […]

In Your Face!

Many people in this country take public transportation to work. In my case I take a bus from my little corner of suburbia to the big city. The operator of the line I take has a few basic rules for riders. No food or drink, clean up your newspapers when you leave, etc.. But the […]

Conference Call Rules

I have been sitting in on a series of training sessions done via conference call this week. The sessions are designed to educate partners about changes being made and new functionality being added in the latest version of the company’s software. I was amazed at the lack of etiquete displayed on the part of the […]

Happy With (But Not Plugging) My Bank

Here’s a sobering thought. I just got back from a quick run to the bank. Contrary to what many people experience I was actually quite satisfied with how it went. Someone was able to help me in a timely manner. This person was courteous and friendly within reason. She smiled and asked me if there […]