Conference Call Rules

I have been sitting in on a series of training sessions done via conference
call this week. The sessions are designed to educate partners about
changes being made and new functionality being added in the latest version
of the company’s software. I was amazed at the lack of etiquete displayed
on the part of the partners calling in. So here are a few basic rules to
follow the next time you participate in a conference call:

1 – Keep your phone on mute unless you are actually saying something on the
call. For two days all of our participants were treated to the sound of
one participant breathing heavily into the phone through 3 hours of
training. Today someone had a police scanner on. Any sound made by any
participant can affect the quality of audio overall and obscure the voice
of the speaker.

2 – See rule 1.


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Eliminating background noise is always our #1 reccomendation. If you are on a phone that doesn’t have a mute button, your conference call provider should have a touch tone function to mute your line.

And although the entire conference doesn’t want to hear what’s going on in your office (or home) remember not to put your phone on hold – your hold music will play into the meeting!

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