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Changing an iPod Hard Drive

Ever wonder how to replace the battery in your iPod? Here’s how.

Small Straws

Remember when you could buy a small bottle of something to drink at the corner store and the straw they would give you with it was actually long enough for you to be able to use it to drink the whole thing? Then they changed the standard bottle capacity from 16 fl. oz to 20. […]

2006 New York City Parking Calendar Released

The 2006 New York City Parking Calendar has been released. In this calendar each entry is entered as an untimed event on each day that parking rules are different than normal. The event description says either “Alternate Side Parking Rules Suspended” or “Major Legal Holiday Rules in Effect” depending on the day. Each entry also […]

Take My Money… Please!

I was at the ATM today and was surprised to see that the last person who used it didn’t exit. There I was looking at a screen with all of the account numbers of that persons accounts with this particular bank. In an age where idetity theft is the number one crime in the country […]

Home Brewed Copy Protection

Ever wonder how to add digital rights management (DRM) to your own home burned CDs? Here’s how.