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How (K)Not to Deliver a Newspaper on a Rainy Day

Note to my nespaper delivery guy. DO NOT use the ‘single bag knot’ approach on a rainy day. If the bag is so thin you can read the front page through it this will ALWAYS result in a wet paper. Use the ‘double reverse bag tuck’ method instead. (Those who get dry newspapers on a […]


Some would call this desert. I call it dinner.

Two Types of People In This World

There are two types of people in this world. This picture defines them.

Quick And Easy RSS Parsing With PHP

When I wrote about creating a Twitter bot with PHP, etc. last week I had in mind to continue developing the idea. To this end I’ve created a bot that replaces the formulaic type of URL for an ‘of the day’ type page (for example”.date(“Y”).”-“.date(“m”).”-“.date(“d”).”/”) with an RSS parser so the bot will retweet […]

Create a Twitter Bot With PHP, YOURLs and Cron

Ever since I’ve been on Twitter I’ve been fascinated by Twitter bots. You know, automated Twitter posting robots. There are all sorts of Twitter bots. Most of them are Twitter accounts with a single purpose that are run by some sort of programming. Most often they monitor Twitter’s RSS feed for specific keywords and either […]