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Pros and Cons of Twitter for iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, after getting the new version of Twitter for iPhone (iTunes), I found myself unsatisfied. I set out to write exactly why and found that creating a pro and con list led to many more cons than pros. Instead of writing a post about it I ended up trying a few […]

Making The Atom Feed For A Tag in Google Reader Public

Google recently changed it’s sharing functionality in Google Reader to share exclusively with Google+. As part of this change starred and tagged items changed too. Specifically the behavior of their associated ATOM feeds have. The feeds still exist and work in the same way but you no longer have the option to make them public. […]

Santorum ? Jerry Seinfeld

via Apparently there are people who think Rick Santorum, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States, shares some traits with Jerry Seinfeld. I disagree.

Scheduling WordPress Posts

I remember a time several years ago when a colleague of mine got in trouble at work for having posted to his blog during business hours. This didn’t stop him from blogging on company time but made him more creative about it. He’d save drafts then post at the end of the day or early […]

New Year’s Adjustments

The other night I posted the following on Facebook: I’m not much into new years resolutions. I believe any time is a good time for a resolution. As for me I’m always trying to be a better father, husband, son and friend. I may not be perfect in any of those roles but life isn’t […]