Finding A Lost FitBit

One day last week I wasn’t feeling very well (turned out I had the flu) so when I got home I went to be to rest. A few hours later I got up to change out of my clothes and noticed that my FitBit One was missing. I immediately looked in the area of my […]

What I Learned From One Hundred Pushups

I blogged previously about one hundred pushups. I started the program in October and am finally ready to discuss my experiences with it. One hundred pushups is a six week program consisting of three workouts per week of various numbers of sets and reps per set. The basic idea is that at the end of […]

On My Way To One Hundred Pushups

For the last several weeks I’ve been doing on the one hundred pushups workout. That is until the Thanksgiving holiday and a sinus infection pushed me off schedule. The one hundred pushups workout is a six week program designed to build you up to be able to do 100 pushups in one set. It does […]