John C. Dvorak

Ridiculous Mobile Phone Upgrade Charge

Last week John C. Dvorak wrote a column entitled A Crusade Against Roaming Charges in which he complains about ths silliness of roaming charges. The whole things is a scam, he says. Rather than charge customers exorbitant fees for roaming outside their carriers coverage area wireless providers should charge their customers whatever the local charges […]

Microsoft Headed to NYC

Google Chrome under attack by critics. Operation payback cripples MasterCard site. Wikileaks cannot be stopped say the experts. Will Nokia jump to Android? Let’s hope so. No Windows 7 slates by year end. Meanwhile MSFT get huge government contract. Japan misses Venus with rocket. Bad math? Holiday shopping through the roof according to Comscore. NYC […]

Google Versus Amazon

Google does a demo and shows Chrome OS plus the new Android OS and other items. The company is also in a battle with Amazon over book sales. 4Chan goes after the Swiss bank and others who attack the Wikileaks folks. AT&T still the worst carrier after one day. Cityville now on Facebook. IE9 supposed […]

Free Money!!

Google finally selling all those books it has been scanning. Two new phones from Google including the Nexus S. Whatever happened to the Nexus 2? Facebook on 60 Minutes to promote, uh, advertising? Apple to hire hot designer for new campus. Columbia backs off on anti-Wikileaks attitude. AT&T is the worst says consumer Reports. Samsung […]

Ireland May Lose HP

Netflix streaming only service in USA for $7.99. Novell goes private and sells 882 patents to Microsoft. New special newspaper for the iPad coming from News Corp. iPad doing nothing in the Enterprise. Secret spy satellite launched. Facebook promoted as homepage. Thoughts on the Kindle. Donkey Kong Country a winner. HP thinking about moving out […]