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Moto Heating Up

Moto rebound? The Droid is a killer. Sony brick overheating. Big Screen DSi. The Aino phone coming. Will MSFT-Yahoo deal fall apart? Another Internet birthday? How many are there? People using upgrade of Win7 and tricking machine. MSFT not pleased. Show brought to you by Thrifty and Dollar Car Rental at Use the code word TECH5. […]

Endless Reboot Endless

Google voice expands capability. I like Google voice. Win 7 mis-priced? Or not?  Endless re-boot problem not resolved. New Eclair SDK  a tasty treat. iPhone now number two smartphone. Telecom industry wants a bail out? LA has adopted Gmail for 30,000 government workers. IBM doing big stock buyback. Intel says 2010 going to be big. […]

GeoCities R.I.P.

MSFT quits the Family Guy special. Netflix on the PS3 getting promoted more and more. Win7 columns in abundance. Numerous Tributes to the end of GeoCities. NY Times spills beans on Apple tablet. New Storm coming from Blackberry. 100 core chip hooray. New buzzterm appearing: TRIM. I explain. WiMAX in Taiwan. New Ubuntu in three […]

Bad News for Xbox

Windows 7 rolls out to applause. Overlooked is the fact that MSFT will be selling PC’s on the website. Look for them in the MSFT stores too. Free ride for Hulu ending says News Corp. The company also says MySpace stopped innovating. No Blu-ray for the X-box. Is it really China hacking us? Droid coming […]

Beatles Crap Out

Barnes and Noble shows its new “Nook” e-book reader. Apple shows refresh of new Mac. Cheaper and better. NASA to launch the Ares IX rocket. Net neutrality in the news. Video game sales falling. Beatles Rock Band add-in was a dud. Meteors coming. AMD shows triple-core chip. Microsoft working on update of Windows Mobile. Canon […]