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iPad Mania Wanes

Windows 7 driving record profits for MSFT. iPad all over the news again, but people are complaining. Also the iPad moniker trademarked by others. AT&T boosting network investment. Nintendo profits dropped while DS still sells like crazy. Obama may privatize the space shots. What? Google social search reaching beta. McGraw-Hill snubbed? Or not? Digital books […]

iPad Mania

All the news surrounds the iPad. Will it succeed? Probably. It’s still a giant iPhone. Oracle laid out plans for Sun and nobody noticed. China joining with philosopher Bill Gates. In science news: running barefoot is better. Dinosaurs were colorful. Space Shuttle ready to go. Mouse cells can be turned into nerve cells. AT&T owns […]

Google BACK to China? Already?

Apple tablet details leaked.  It will be a giant iPhone. Google Voice moved to the iPhone. Google may also be back in China sooner than later. Texting banned in KY. Rover still stuck on Mars. Bill Gates dancing? So what? FCC cracking down on early termination fees. Google fixing 3G problems. Win 7 needs updates […]

Google Founders to Dump Stock

Apple tablet computer has every chatting. Apparently Apple has 50 versions? What? Bill Gates has become an economist it seems. Pope says to blog! AMD has a slew of new chips. Google voice recognition catches cursing and blocks it. WebCam in Bears den show bear giving birth. HP getting into digital music service in Europe. […]

Apps for the Kindle?!?!

AT&T Verizon may both cover the Apple tablet. 2900 articles on Google China dustup. Amazon may be adding apps to the Kindle. We know there is a browser inside already. Nokia turn-by-turn will kill Garmin. MSFT has odd patch. The problem with weak passwords. Apple and Nokia dominate worldwide mobile market. Motorola going to Baidu. […]