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Help Me Fix A Bug

I’ve come across a bug in my plugins that I never noticed before. Each plugin is fine by itself but it seems that WP-GenericFooter Plugin and Add To Facebook Plugin don’t play well together. If you have both of them activated only the one that has been configured last will work properly. I’m trying to […]

Intel Getty Cloudy

No Win7 allowed at Georgetown, Alaska volcano about to blow. Sony compared to Nintendo. Amazon to unveil the Kindle 2. Cloned dog still in the news. I got to see the first cloned dog in Korea. Intel going to the SaaS cloud in Europe. Look out for the Aptera. Go to Clicker available for […]

Gmail Goes Anti-Cloud

Gmail taken offline. I’m calling it anti-cloud computing. M-labs will let you check on bandwidth throttling. Blackberry Storm sells well. Day three of IE8 promotion. Digital phone camera adds clicking sound. Should the movie aspect of the phone add a whirring sound? Cloned dog goes commercial. Acer smart phone coming. MSFT keeps H1Bs while firing […]

Miserable Monday with 40,000 Layoffs

More Microsoft IE stories. Please stop! IBM guy finally gets into Apple. IPhone patent looks as if it will impinge on Palm Pre. New Zealander get MP3 player with military screts. 2TB Green HD from WDC. USA may require to make cell phones click loud when taking pictures. Chip market to fall 28-percent. EU warns […]

Miserable Monday with 40,000 Layoffs

Layoffs at Sprint and Philips. IE being finalized. Win7 stops downloading on Feb. 10. Blackberry glitches. Photoshop CS4 pirated version has virus. Femtocell changing the way we use phones. iLIFE 09 ships tomorrow. I have no idea what iLIFE actually is and do not want to know. Twitter valued at $250 million. For what? Zune […]