Get Jetpack Publicize and All In One SEO to Publish Posts to Facebook

I’ve been using Jetpack to cover some functionality on a few blogs and the functionalities I’ve been using (Jetpack has many functions and I only use some of it) have been functioning very well. But I ran into a problem with the Publicize functionality on one particular blog. This blog uses Publicize to post to […]

NBA Standings Plugin For WordPress

A couple of years ago I released a plugin to show the standings of a Major League Baseball (MLB) division on one of my other blogs. In the time since then I’ve done a few one off versions of that plugin to help people use it in specific ways. Recently I was asked if I […]

Goodbye, Twitter Tools

I had fallen behind in installing software updates on this blog since I hadn’t posted for a while. (Too many other things going on in my life that I had to deal with so the blog got put on the back burner.) So when I logged in today I wasn’t surprised to see that several […]

MLB Standings Plugin Updated

When I first created the MLB Standings plugin I had assumed that most blogs to use it would be fan blogs of specific baseball teams. The plugin shows the standings of only one division because such sites will want to display the standings of the division that their team is part of. Another thing such […]

MLB Standings Plugin Now Available

A few years ago I was looking for a plugin to display the standings of a Major League Baseball (MLB) division on one of my other blogs. I came across only one plugin for this and luckily it worked very well. Unfortunately it depended on something on MLB’s site which was changed just prior to […]