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onAirNow Widget Now Available

I’ve written before about a plugin called onAirNow. It’s a WordPress plugin that displays information about the song you are currently listening to on your computer into you blog. In my time using onAirNow I’ve had an opportunity to communicate with it’s writer and develop some of my own functionality to add to the plugin. […]

No More Sports Schedules

I’ve been asked by several people if I’m going to do baseball schedules this season. The answer is now unless you really really want me to. There are enough venues to get sports schedules from so it’s no longer worth the work for me. Thank you all for your support over the last several years […]

Police Reunion at the Grammys

It was nice to see The Police on the Grammys last night. I had anticipated their appearance since I first read about it a few weeks ago. They did a good rendition of “Roxanne”. They fooled around with one of the verses to make it a bridge and it worked for the most part. “Roxanne” […]

Google Toolbar Button Plugin Updated Again

I just updated the Google Toolbar Button Plugin again. I found a flaw in the way that the plugin outputs the XML file that the toolbar uses to create the button. This flaw caused the toolbar to output an error when someone would click on your link to install your button on their toolbar. This […]

Livingston Off Base On Vista Upgrade Use

Brian Livingston wrote a very controversial article in his Windows Secrets newsletter last week. The article was titled “Get Vista upgrade, never pay full price” and discusses how you can use an upgrade version of Vista to do a clean install of Microsoft’s new version of Windows. Upgrades are meant to install over Windows XP […]