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End of Year Predictions Show I

Absolutely horrible predicitons. Most are not predictions at all!! Click to listen: [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

2008 Wrap Up

A year ago I was working in midtown Manhattan for an online advertising firm. I was underpaid but enjoyed the people and work enough to stay on despite the wage differential between myself and market value for someone of my experience. I even turned down a couple of job offers to stay at the company. […]

Digital Certificates Cracked

Steve Jobs being sick rumor re-emerges. Digital certificates cracked by hackers. Windows 7 Beta downloaded to an extreme. LG coins new Trumotion moniker. Uses scanning backlight. Negative wordage aimed at Microsoft analyzed. Home server coming from Apple. Self-parking car comes from Lincoln. Top 9 skills for 09. Click to listen: [Audio clip: view full post […]

On The Air Again

I recently started a new consulting contract at a new client. Unlike several other clients I’ve worked for these guys gave me full reign to install whatever I want on my local workstation. (Many companies have certain limitations and procedures to follow if you want to bypass the limitations.) I was happy to see this […]

Bad Digital Photo Frames Lurk

Microsoft designs a pay-as-you-go patent. Sony PS3 not catching up? HP gets PC and MAC server. So? Extra second added to the year. Windows 7 to come out early, now leaked. Nothing special they say. Will websites have to be rated. Photo frames have malware. Merry Christmas. Verizon wins $33 million from squatter. Apple, Google, […]