On The Air Again

I recently started a new consulting contract at a new client. Unlike several other clients I’ve worked for these guys gave me full reign to install whatever I want on my local workstation. (Many companies have certain limitations and procedures to follow if you want to bypass the limitations.) I was happy to see this since it meant I would be able to set the workstation up to stream my portable MP3 player through Winamp to feed the “I’m Listening To…” section of the sidebar.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how I set that up using a Winamp plugin called Now Playing. There are a few Winamp plugins with this title and I was upset to see that the website for the one I’ve been using at home and at previous jobs no longer exists. I had to do alot of web searching before I was finally able to find it at this link.

Once I had the streaming software and Now Playing set up I fired up my MP3 player. But for some reason only the artist and title of the track that was playing would display on the blog. After hours of research and tweaking with Now Playing and the WordPress plugin I’m using I finally figured out that the problem was with Winamp itself. If you look in Winamp Preferences under Titles you’ll see a section called Advanced Title Formatting. All I needed to do was uncheck the “Use advanced title formatting when possible” option and I was good to go. Alternatively I could have kept it checked and tweaked “Advanced title display format” to have it show what I needed but simply unchecking the option was all that was needed for me to get it done.


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