This Week In Tech

TWiT on Privacy

On this week’s episode of This Week in Tech host Leo Leporte led a discussion about online privacy. The question arose “Is privacy dead?”. I don’t think privacy is dead. I think that people are just now learning how fragile privacy can be in a digital life and how careful one must be. For example, […]

Laporte Doesn’t Like Mojave But Won’t Explain Why

I was listening to this weeks installment of This Week in Tech this morning. The subject of Jerry Seinfeld doing Microsoft commercials came up and led to a discussion of lame Microsoft marketing. Leo Laporte brought up the Mojave experiment as something that actually helped Apple. I’ve heard him say things like this about Mojave […]

Laporte’s Objectivity Questionable

I like Leo Laporte but I’ve been thinking lately that he is no longer objective. He’s always been a bit of a showman (and that’s what draws people to listen and watch him. But I was just listening to the latest installment of This Week in Tech and I’m not happy with some of the […]