No, Bruce, The Glory Days Won’t Pass You By

Despite the Bruce Springsteen song, your glory days are always ahead of you.

Twenty Minute Flow

In an effort to kick start my writing I’m taking on online writing class. The first assignment is to write anything that comes to mind over a 20 minute period. The following is my entry. I saw a news story today about online gamers calling 911 to send emergency services to the homes of their […]

Wonderful “Smile”

When I first read Lewis Shiner’s Glimpses (Paperback| Audiobook) in the mid 1990’s I had no idea what I was getting into. Shiner had written a comic book miniseries called The Hacker Files that, as a young computer programmer still not having out grown a strong comic book reading stage I had been in during […]

Review: William Shatner’s Seeking Major Tom

I’ve enjoyed many of the tracks on William Shatner’s Has Been for several years now (it was released in 2004) and felt I owed it to myself to give his new album, Seeking Major Tom, a listen. I wasn’t let down but I wasn’t overwhelmed either. The lineup is a bit inconsistent and the gimicks […]

Spinal Tap Giving Away “Saucy Jack”

I was having lunch with friends on Saturday when someone mentioned that they were at the Spinal Tap ‘Unwigged and Unplugged’ show at the Beacon Theater in New York City last Thursday. When I showed some interest the friend told me a bit about the show. He mentioned that they played a song called ‘Saucy […]