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I Didn’t See the Baby

The video above is alarming. It shows a crime committed in the Bronx, New York earlier this week where a man took a running start to knock a woman and steal her cellphone. What makes it worse is that the woman was carrying a baby at the time. This video look awfully heartless. But as […]

The Trouble in Ferguson

The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri have been troubling. The sad death of Michael Brown and subsequent clearing of criminal charges of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Brown, is troubling enough. But the aftermath of the grand jury decision to clear Wilson has proven to be troubling as well. After the grand jury’s […]

Weiner and the News Cycle

“And maybe if the Internet didn’t exist? Like, if I was running in 1955? I’d probably get elected mayor.” – Anthony Weiner An interesting statement that’s not as simple as it seems. On the face of it it appear that Weiner is blaming the internet for his lack of self control in using it. This […]

Happy Birthday, Podcasting

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the day the first podcast was published. Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code is hardly daily anymore (in fact there hasn’t been a new episode in over a year) but podcasting has since become commonplace. It’s just another way the iPod (and other MP3 players) have become indispensable in today’s […]

Israel Navy = State Trooper

Imagine a state trooper spotting a car driving erratically on a highway. The trooper turns on his sirens and strobes to pull the car over suspecting that the driver is drunk. But the car does not pull over and instead continues on it’s way. The trooper calls for backup and after a brief chase he […]