Twenty Minute Flow

In an effort to kick start my writing I’m taking on online writing class. The first assignment is to write anything that comes to mind over a 20 minute period. The following is my entry. I saw a news story today about online gamers calling 911 to send emergency services to the homes of their […]

Deleting A Track From the iOS Music App That Won’t Delete

I had an odd problem with my iPhone recently when I had a music track on it that I don’t remember putting there and I could not delete it. The track was one that I had purchased on iTunes for my daughter a long time ago and I had no interest in having it. After […]

My iOS7 Annoyances

Last week I upgraded my iPhone 4s to iOS7 and am mostly satisfied with the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system. But I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t annoyed by some of what I’ve seen. Here are a few of my issues: Notification Center has been upgraded to be 3 screens rather than […]

If Steve Jobs Were Alive He’d Want Us To Stop Saying “If Steve Jobs Were Alive”

This morning I read yet another piece about Apple that said “If Steve Jobs were alive…”. We’ve seen this time and again since Jobs died but even more now in the wake of the release of the latest iPhone. It seems like every time someone has a complaint or even a compliment about something Apple […]

More Bugs In Podcasts App For iOS

The Podcasts app for Apple’s iOS really stinks. Many of the bugs in the app are well known and documented on other websites and blogs but there’s one I came across today that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I was listening to a podcast on my way into work. When I got to the office […]