More Bugs In Podcasts App For iOS

The Podcasts app for Apple’s iOS really stinks. Many of the bugs in the app are well known and documented on other websites and blogs but there’s one I came across today that I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

I was listening to a podcast on my way into work. When I got to the office I paused the podcast and removed the earbuds so I could put them away. A little while later I got a call. When I ended the call the podcast unpaused. Since the earbuds were no longer in the audio played over the speaker for all to hear. I’m not embarrassed about what I listen to but it was an office disruption that didn’t have to happen.

Another issue I ran into this morning was that the app is not deleting podcasts after they have been marked as read. I had to manually delete them in order to install app updates.

These are just a couple of the issues with this app. I’ve run into several others (but not today). I wish they’d iron them out and make the app a bit more polished because right now the user experience on it really stinks (which is contrary to Apple’s usual MO).

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