My Palm Blog Is No More

I finally did it. I had an old blog called Dave’s Palm Pages in which I used to write about the old Palm products (Palm Pilots and their descendants) and hacks for them. It’s also where I posted links to downloadable sports schedules and other calendar data that could be imported directly into the Palm […]

Fixing xWeather for PALM OS From Spontaneously Reseting Phone

xWeather is a nice little Palm OS weather app. It doesn’t look too flashy but it does it’s job well. I use it most days so I know how to dress or if I should take an umbrella with me. Earlier this week it stopped working for me. Whenever I would try to update to […]

Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment For Palm

I was trying to get something to work on my Palm Centro last week and found that I needed to have Java installed. Unfortunately Palm and IBM stopped supporting Java on the Treo/Centro product line about a year ago. The last time I ran into this problem was when I wanted to install Opera Mini. […]

Pre Puts Palm Back In The Game

The big news at last weeks Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was Palm’s keynote in which they announced their new operating system, called WebOS, and the first device built on that platform, the Pre. The pundits are abuzz about whether this is an iPhone killer or not. It certainly looks like a variation on the iPhone […]

Palm Introduces the Pre

Palm Inc. introduced the Pre today. This is what I’ve been waiting for. It’s very iPhone like in nature but has some nice touches of it’s own. The big feature is: Instead of typing on a virtual keyboard you can slide out a full QWERTY keyboard. I’ll post more about this when I have something […]