Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment For Palm

I was trying to get something to work on my Palm Centro last week and found that I needed to have Java installed. Unfortunately Palm and IBM stopped supporting Java on the Treo/Centro product line about a year ago.

The last time I ran into this problem was when I wanted to install Opera Mini. At that time I was able to find the download pretty easily even though it was no longer on the Palm or IBM websites. This time, however, I had some trouble finding it so I decided that it would be a good idea to post it to the blog for safe keeping.

In my searching I found two versions. They are weme 5.7.1 and
weme 5.7.2. For those wondering about the odd file name, weme stands for Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment which is an odd way to say mobile device JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

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that’s great for the centro,now how about the 755 treo. The download weme 5.7.2 or .1 doesn’t work. zip file can’t be opened.

Brad –

The .zip file should be downloaded to your computer and unzipped there. The install the J9JavaVMMidp20.prc and j9pref.prc files found in \JVM\ARM4T directory on your Treo.

After you HotSync the IBM Java VM app will appear in your Launcher and IBM Java VM & J9 Options will appear in your preferences in the Other section.

(Incidentally this is the same way to install to a Centro.)

– Dave

Has anyone managed to get the sample Golf program to run? My Centro reports “the application required to view this data cannot be found” although Opera Mini runs happily, so I know that the Java environment is OK!

Thanks a ton Dave, it works like a dream.

Hello dave,
please can you send this IBM’s websphere application to my box(if is attacheable), i cant dowload it. i need to start using my Opera mini, or if possible to send it my phone through MMS. my number is +234-8035861790.

If you’re having problems downloading it then it’s because you’re dopwnloading from your phone. You need to download it to a computer, unzip it and install.

Thank you so much for this I was trying to figure out how so many people had java and I didn’t.

Also the second one does not work. Only the first one does so save yourself the trouble and go with the first one.

I have a palm treo 755 & I need to install Web Sphere enviroment java to run Opera mini, version 5.7.2 isn’t compatable for my phone so I’m trying to install 5.7.1 from a blog ( spug ) but the image verification won’t appear, so is there any site that will allow me to install this program ? ps, I don’t have a computer so I’m installing directly to my Palm Treo 755

This blog had relieve my trouble of searching for and installing ibm websphere Java. It is awsome I recommend to people who have similar situation to deal with

Thanks Dave!

Great instructions! Installed it on my Treo650 and now am able to use Opera Mini! Great job!

thankz bunches hun! ! !

comment avoir websphere d’IBM java

How to install it in PALM CENTRO? i dont have cable data for synchronize so i just have memory card only..?

Instructions are in the documentation that can be found within the .zip file.

pls help me with a site to download ibm weme

Links are in the post.

Thanks, I’ve been looking for this download for some time, in order to get java working on my Palm, I have a TX though.. any idea if the above will work? I will try anyway.. then I just need to find the converter from *.jar to *.prc :]

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