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Wiki Search Dead Already

Everyone is preoccupied with Conficker. I have one simple question. Hear it hear now. HP may use Android OS for computers, PS2 going to $100. Or is it a joke? Gartner says cloud is getting all the money. American Airlines to put Wi-Fi hotspots in their planes.  Wiki Search killed. They cannot afford to keep it […]

Magid on Conficker

Great podcast by Larry Magid about the Conficker virus. Conficker is causing a scare throughout the world due to a much publicized April 1 trigger that has been found in the code. Not much else is known about it. This podcast sheds some light.


Conficker looking at the Conficker virus. Xeon 550 considered transformational. Microsoft is killing Encarta. Turned out to be a fiasco. Video games improve eyesight. WDC buys SSD company, goes silicon. Why not? Look for Orion Moon to Mars launcher. IBM tries to patent the whole idea of offshoring. Mark Cuban fined for Twittering. I read […]

Best Buy Best Buy

Apple sued over various infringements concerning the iPhone. This will never end. This Saturday is turn off the light day at 8:30 PM. AT&T will act as a cop for the RIAA. Conficker worm aiming at April 1st. Get ready. Fairchild cutting back. The Open Cloud movement begins to develop. MSFT not happy. Fallout 3 […]

IBM Back on Track to Buy Sun, Says Intel

Blockbuster doing a deal with TiVo to deliver movies. Cranky Geeks no longer on TiVo. Complaints building in China over censorship of YouTube. PA Sexting girls suing the DA over his threats. Otellini says Intel will buy Sun. New Canon camera. Psybot infects routers. Sun CEO sees open source as a gateway to the clouds. […]