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Priceless Vases Smashed

According to this story a group of vases in a British museum were destroyed by someone tripping over a shoelace. The vases were said to be priceless but I bet the insurance compnay is putting a price on it now.

Comcasts Out Of Date Support

Last Thursday morning I ran a LiveUpdate of my Norton software (AntiVirus, etc.). After the update was complete I shut down my machine and didn’t start it up again until that night. When I finally did start it up I could not send or receive email. Not thinking that the Norton upgrade would be the […]

Selected NBA Schedules Now Available

Based on user comment the following NBA schedules are now available: Phoenix Suns New York Knicks New Orleans Hornets Keep those comments coming and more schedules will be made available shortly.

Eko in the Black

Anyone see Lost last night? What the heck was with Eko and the black cloud? Could he end up being a key to unlocking the secret of the island?

Aniston, Pitt, Jolie, Oh My!

So let me get this straight. Jennifer Aniston kicks out Brad Pitt for two reasons: he didn’t want to have children and he was having an affair with Angelina Jolie. Now Jolie is having Pitt’s child. How do you leave one woman partially because you didn’t want kids only to go and get someone else […]