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Market for IPO’s Hit 30-Year-Low

Real Networks sued by MPAA. It snows on Mars. Charles Simonyi going back into space. Microsoft thinks that it a killer app or two away from beating Google. Har. Lotus Notes to run on the iPhone. Microsoft attacking "Scareware." Good for them, hear all about it here. Lenovo wants to buy another company. I think […]

Xohm Rolls Out at $25 a Month

Xohm rolls out in Baltimore. Prices revealed. New devices arrive. A private company has launched a satellite. TiVo my PC. Nero rolls out a desktop DVR for PC’s. New Nintendo DS has camera. Motorola jumping on Android hoping to save the company. Nokia may also jump on the bandwagon. Web radio folks get reprieve. Google […]

Vote For Me!

Apparently someone wants to elect me for president of the US. (Click here to get yourself in this video.)

Photoshop for Mobile Phones? God, why?

T-Mobile lifting the 1GB limit on Android phones. China phonies up rocket launch. Ridiculous. Oldest rocks on earth found in Canada. Slingbox Pro-HD released. Dell finally going to LED backlights in laptops. Is this taking forever or what? Dell also says things are looking up. HP laying off 9300 people overseas. Craig Mundie says the […]

Smart Grid to Kill Cloud Computing. Ha.

Android phone news never-ending II. Look for new term: "Radical Openess." New phone will unlock your car (and everyone else’s?) No indictment on the Sarah Palin hack. Sun’s solar winds hit 50-year low. SanDisk story about its new music distribution scheme keeps coming. NBC will rig set-top box for GE TV. Hmm. Microsoft has its […]