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GE Getting Back into the TV Biz

Android phone news never-ending. I’m sick of it. Hadron Collider shut down until the Spring because it is too cold in Switzerland. Email hacker continues. Creative Suite 4 rolled out by Adobe. GE getting back into the TV business with Internet-ready TV with Blu-ray. Xohm to roll out in Baltimore. I’m baffled about sharing books […]

Huge Microsoft Stock Buy-Back Coming

Google Android to cost $199. Already too much PR for this thing. Palin hacker found by FBI. So why can’t they track down serious online scammers? Track them down! Large Hadron Collider shut down for two months. Geez. Dubious World Federation of Advertising protesting the Google-Yahoo deal? Microsoft pushing big iron? Meanwhile the company is […]

Will Google Buy Yahoo?

Microsoft in the news over various reports about what they are going to do with their odd advertising campaign. John Hodgman clone coming. IBM going extra fast towards 22nm. Nobody has even done 32 nm yet! Rainn Wilson headed to Microsoft meeting. Oracle profit skyrockets, look for Tech rally. Hadron Collider not working. Google in […]

Brad Pitt Big Malware Lure

Google Android secretly shown in London. Pics of phone all over the net. Company buys Valve software to develop games for the phone and online. Brad Pitt now the top malware lure. Sarah Palin more popular than porn. Meanwhile her email was hacked. NY to add RFID to drivers license. Luckily it is optional. Canon […]

Games are Good for Teens?

Google-Yahoo deal to be eyeballed by US Justice Dept. Android phone launch coming soon. The latest Pew research indicates that games are good for you and good for teens. Apple doing its own processors. The beginning of the end? As of today social networking trumps porn on web searches. New Blackberry hype beginning. Microsoft and […]