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Strip For Spam

Spammers are apparently using a trojan embedded in an animated stripper program to collect information that could help them register more mail accounts to send their spam. According to a report in PC World the program presents users with CAPTCHAs taken from Yahoo Mail’s signup page. When the user solves the CAPTCHA correctly the stripper, […]

Leopard Selling Fast

According to PC World Apple has already sold over 2 million copies of Leopard, version 10.5 of the Mac OS. Leopard was released last Friday afternoon. This makes Leopard the fastest selling version of the Mac OS ever.

AT&T Charges Fire Victims $300 For Cable Box

By now we are all familiar with the tragedy going on in southern California where wildfires are burning down the homes of many families. (Over 1,000,000 people had to be evacuated.) Now comes word that AT&T is victimizing the victims. Check out this video to see the evil of this company.

U.S. Senate OKs 7 Year Internet Tax Ban

Reuters is reporting that the U.S. Senate has approved legislation extending a moratorium on state Internet access taxes for seven years. This follows a House vote to extend the tax moratorium by 4 years. The two will now have to work out a joint bill. This is good news for internet users around the whole […]

Buy These Stamps, You Will

In a long overdue tribute Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda will be featured on postage stamp.