Turning Off Extraneous Emails from Twitter

Twitter introduced new email options this week that send emails every time you are mentioned (or replied to) and when your tweets are retweeted or marked as a favorite. I can see where newcomers to Twitter would find these settings useful but many veterans are already getting these notifications elsewhere. Many Twitter clients (I use […]

Turning Off in TweetDeck

One of my biggest Twitter pet peeves is when someone tweets longer than 140 characters and you need to click a link to go to another website to see the whole message. My opinion is that there are other ways to communicate messages that are longer than the Twitter limit such as splitting the message […]

Follow Someone Anonymously on Twitter

Over time I’ve come accross several people whose Twitter accounts I’d like to keep up with but don’t want to follow. Some are people I’m just mildly interested in. Others are people that I don’t want knowing that I’m following them. Twitter’s Lists feature gives me a great way to do this by creating a […]

Restoring Columns After Installing TweetDeck

TweetDeck is one of the many Twitter clients available that runs on the Adobe AIR engine. Though the website says it’s in beta is is one of the most widely used Twitter clients. Many people, myself included encountered a major issue when installing the latest version, 0.26.4. After installing this version TweetDeck would no longer […]