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Star Wars Generations

The great thing about Star Wars is the way it transcends generations.

No, Bruce, The Glory Days Won’t Pass You By

Despite the Bruce Springsteen song, your glory days are always ahead of you.

Is My Father Just A Candle?

Has my father’s life devolved into nothing more than a candle that is burned a few times a year in his memory?

Minecraft: Installing Forge Without Installing Java

I recently got a new computer that my son wanted to play Minecraft on. Minecraft requires the Java runtime to be installed but with it’s memory, security and updating issues Java was one headache I didn’t want to have on this new machine. Lucky for me Mojang recently created a new version of their Minecraft […]

Updating IP Address In OpenDNS With Raspberry Pi

Like many people I use OpenDNS instead of my internet provider’s DNS. In addition to the speed gains I get (because it’s faster than my provider’s DNS) I like to look at the reports OpenDNS provides. In order for the reports to work OpenDNS needs my IP address. But my IP address is dynamic so […]