Pre Puts Palm Back In The Game

The big news at last weeks Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was Palm’s keynote in which they announced their new operating system, called WebOS, and the first device built on that platform, the Pre. The pundits are abuzz about whether this is an iPhone killer or not. It certainly looks like a variation on the iPhone […]

DRM Free iTunes and Pricing Changes

In 2003 Apple changed the face of legal MP3 downloads by opening the iTunes Store. What set iTunes apart from other online digital music stores was it’s flat rate $0.99 USD cent per track and no monthly subscription fee pricing scheme. This was an attractive price for consumers who would want to use the store […]

iPod Fun

Running out of things to do with your iPod? Click here.

Changing an iPod Hard Drive

Ever wonder how to replace the battery in your iPod? Here’s how.