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2006 MLB Schedules for the Palm

Just in time for opening day I’m happy to inform you that the 2006 MLB Schedules for the Palm are finally available for purchase. Schedules are available for all 30 teams but I was unable to do the complete league schedule since a source for it has been hard to find this year. (I need […]

The Plight of the Iranian Blogger

Wired News has a story on the plight of Iranian bloggers as well as people who blog about Iran. Makes you feel better about living in the country where you can say the president is an idiot and not get tortured for it.

It’s Not Unusual To Be Knighted

Congratulations to singer Tom Jones who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II today.

Yates Re-Trial Begins

Here’s something that caught my eye this morning. The re-trial of Andrea Yates will start this morning 2 days after her ex-husband, Russel, got re-married. You remember Andrea Yates. She’s the woman who drowned her 5 children in 2001. She was suffering from post partum depression and is using that as the basis for an […]

Norton Protection Center Issues

I’m researching some issues relating to the new Norton Protection Center feature found in the 2006 version of Norton products and found that many people are very annoyed with this feature and just want to get rid of it. This page describes how to turn it off. I actually don’t mind this feature but am […]