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nVidia Has Hot Chip

ICANN getting a moderate amount of independence. nVidia Fermi is one fantastic chip. New Win7 logo program is underway. More aspects of Apple Tablet leaking out. I see a nefarious scheme. Banking Trojans are robbing you. Ballmer’s pay cut. Sony Opens up the e-book platform. Show brought to you by Life Lock at Use the code […]

What is CULV?

Microsoft rolls out anti-virus 1.0. Motorola bringing out the Clique at $200. Dell brings out a ho-hum induction charger. Ballmer says things are stagnant. Newton II coming? Earphone standards being established in the EU. Bell Labs hits 100 Petabits/sec. New term alert: CULV. Listen and learn. Click to listen: [Audio clip: view full post to […]

Ernie and the Plucking Chicken

Ernie Anastos is a long time evening news anchor in New York City. But even Ernie is not immune to the occasional slip up as evidenced from his comment to the weatherman a few minutes after a chicken plucking story.

Can Pad Computing TakeOff?

Now they tell us that Light Peak will replace the USB port. Some suspect Apple is behind it. Apple moves 2 billion apps and Google moves 10B videos in one month. Online Microsoft apps to fail says expert. UK to have two vendors for iPhone. Lenovo using optimization for faster boot times. Plasma displays at […]

Will Microsoft Buy EA??

Google mail goes down once more. The company also shows its new markup idea. They say people cannot anonymously commenting. Bull. Meteorites show that Mars has tons of ice. Sony PS3 sales jump on price cuts. Honda dorkmobile released. Microsoft EA rumors abound. Twitter gets $100 million. Gartner says PC sales at rock bottom. Google […]