Plugged In, Not Charging?

When I came into work this morning I noticed that the battery icon in the task tray of my windows 7 laptop said “63% available (plugged in, not charging)”. Naturally the “plugged in, not charging” part was a concern. After Googling for suggested fixes and trying a few different things I hit on a fix […]

More Mac Password Hacking (Snow Leopard)

About 4 years ago I wrote a post on Mac password hacking in OS X. The versions of OS X I wrote about was current at that time but, obviously, there have been a few updates since then. Here’s a method I recently read about that works on the Snow Leopard version of OS X: […]

Fixing xWeather for PALM OS From Spontaneously Reseting Phone

xWeather is a nice little Palm OS weather app. It doesn’t look too flashy but it does it’s job well. I use it most days so I know how to dress or if I should take an umbrella with me. Earlier this week it stopped working for me. Whenever I would try to update to […]

How To Download YouTube Videos

I recently stumbled upon a nice site for downloading videos from YouTube. And the cool thing is there’s no tough process to remember and no technical knowledge needed. Simply navigate to the YouTube video you’d like to download then change the URL in your address bar to pwnyoutube instead of youtube. For example, if you’re […]

Mac Password Hacking

I had an interesting task at work last week. I had to prepare a Mac for some testing. Doesn’t sound like much but the Mac had been used by a former employee and nobody knew the password he had used on it. I tried various possibilities based on my knowledge of him, his family, his […]